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31 Mar 2009 door Sneaker
Frictional Games (bekend van de Penumbra Serie) heeft vandaag een eerste teaser/trailer en wat screenshots vrijgegeven van hun aankomenden survival horror game genaamd <b>Unknown</b>.<br /><br />Het filmpje laat tevens zien wat de door Frictional Games ontwikkelde HPL2 engine allemaal kan. De teaser en de screenshots zijn <a href="http://frictionalgames.com/site/node/88" target="_blank">hier</a> te bekijken. Unknown staat voor het tweede kwartaal van 2010 in de planning.
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Door Sneaker @ 31 Mar 2009 08:40 pm
Ziet er erg vet uit. Net als de Penumbra serie kan deze game een lekkere creepy sfeer krijgen. De besturing lijkt ook goed te werken. Ben benieuwd.

Door Sanasamkrishnadas @ 04 Apr 2013 02:11 pm
I don&#039;t know if Missy reads these replies, but if she does, You&#039;re Great!!! I&#039;ve just sreattd playing Amnesia, but as much fun as it is watching you play it is so much better! I was laughing out loud especially when you were trying to smash those roaches/slugs/cicadas especially since I tried doing the same thing . You should be glad I&#039;m not your beau I wouldn&#039;t be able to resist sneaking behind you while you&#039;re playing this game and going Boo! Anyway, your commentaries put a big smile on my face thank you and keep up the great work! And PLEASE keep on posting things like this!!!

Door Ilay @ 04 Apr 2013 02:11 pm
Finally!! I was waiting for this. Even if you didn&#039;t want to do it thank you! Lol, you&#039;re not the only one who&#039;s going thrguoh this alone. I don&#039;t like scary games either, but I&#039;m putting myself thrguoh this, because I like scary games at the same time if that makes sense. Just something about the adrenaline rush I think. Hope you play again soon, and by soon I mean to hope you don&#039;t take as long as you did in between Parts 1 and 2. So, be aware that I&#039;m going thrguoh this along with you.=D

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