Prijsvraag Wallace & Gromit
25 Mar 2009 door Sneaker
Wij mogen in samenwerking met <a href="" target="_blank">Telltale Games</a> driemaal het complete Wallace & Gromit Grand Adventures seizoen weggeven. Dus het gister verschenen <a href="">Fright of the Bumblebees</a> maar ook de drie episodes die later dit jaar zullen verschijnen.<br /><br />Het enige wat je voor een compleet seizoen moet doen is een mailtje sturen naar het email adres op <a href="">deze pagina</a> (ook bereikbaar via bovenstaande banner). Meedoen kan tot en met 10 April.
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Door Guzel @ 06 Apr 2013 06:12 pm
Hello Emeth! I read on your blog that you didn&#039;t leave for Tokyo are you feeling beettr? Are you rescheduling? Maybe someday we&#039;ll get to visit I would enjoy that. Well, I wrote the outline for that post when I couldn&#039;t sleep after Tab woke me up haha not because of fear but more because once I&#039;m awake, I&#039;m stuck in that mode for a while if I&#039;d already slept long enough to take off the tired edge&#039;. So, that was about a week ago and then I just kept adding to it. You&#039;re right It would have been impossible to write that much (I really need to shut up I go on and on, beating a dead horse sometimes) in one sitting and still be a responsible parent! Hope you&#039;re doing well. You and your family are in my prayers.

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