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 Berichttitel: Sam & Max 2
 Bericht Geplaatst: do jul 27, 2006 12:27 am 

Geregistreerd: di jul 25, 2006 2:55 pm
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ik weet niet of dit al vermeld is maar er komt een nieuwe Sam en Max uit.
en dan bedoel ik niet de gecancelde van L A

hier een stukje info


We know you've got questions. Well whaddaya know, we've got answers! We can't spill all the beans — this page is being written under the watchful eyes of a bevy of circling lawyers, public relations wranglers, and a man in a ragged t-shirt brandishing what looks like a wooden bat with a nail through the top — but hey, maybe if you squeeze real hard a bean or two will pop out unnoticed.

Telltale Games is working with Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell to create an ongoing series of episodic Sam & Max games. We've partnered with GameTap to distribute the first season of games and share in the general revelry. (Dan Connors also got a nice t-shirt out of the deal!) Season 1 will debut this fall at GameTap and on Telltale's site with short, punchy episodes released in rapid succession, each telling a self-contained story, all the while feeding into a grander season-wide arc.

If this sounds kind of familiar, don't be alarmed. Look over at your television for a second and think about how TV seasons work. (To make the analogy sweeter, try and concentrate on the good shows.) It's kind of like that, but with funny video games.

Episodes mean you get more Sam & Max with less waiting. More fun with shorter dry stretches in between. We all know what it's like to wait three or four (or five) years for a game to come out — no fun. Telltale's sending that model out of style.

Steve Purcell has always said one of the best things about Sam & Max is that they work in any format you throw at them. Just take a look at the crime-fighting duo's vast body of work. These guys have appeared in comics ranging from one-page gag strips to 40-page epics, half-hour Saturday morning cartoons, web-based flash animations, and of course, the age-old graphic adventure. The way we see it, the format doesn't change Sam & Max. Sam & Max change the format.

Because GameTap wants Sam & Max. They love Sam & Max. More importantly, they respect Sam & Max. We talked to a bunch of potential partners and GameTap was by far the best fit. They're giving us the freedom to make the games Sam & Max deserve — story-driven, crazy, and fun.

Nope! We think GameTap is a great fit for Sam & Max, but we know that not everyone will subscribe. (Plus, right now GameTap isn't available in all parts of the world.) That's why every Sam & Max episode will be available on Telltale's website, as well as on GameTap.

No. Many of us worked on the cancelled Sam & Max: Freelance Police, but Telltale's Sam & Max games are all new.

Farther than you might think. The designers keep locking themselves in this little room to hash out storylines and gameplay. Our artists have been hard at work modeling Sam & Max, their office, and their trusty DeSoto, with a little help from this guy named Steve. And, on the tech side, we've been stretching our tools to see how far we can go. Sam & Max will feature even more lovingly crafted polygons, environment and bump mapping, various things involving the word "shader," and other enhancements so cool we haven't even come up with them yet.

Don't get us wrong, there's still work to be done. But we're talking months, not years. The first episode will hit this fall. That's right — you'll be playing Sam & Max in 2006.

Of course it's in 3D. Weren't you paying attention during all that talk about polygons and shaders and map... things? We know a lot of fans love the 2D style, but 3D makes our lives a lot easier, and a whole lot more interesting. It lets us do kick-ass animations and cinematic camera tricks. It's also cheaper and quicker than 2D development, which means we can get games out to you faster and way more often.

Plus, Steve likes 3D. Though he's working with us on Sam & Max, he's immersed in 3D all the time at his day job. Even in 3D, Sam & Max are still Steve's characters. He's okaying all artwork generated for the game. He's keeping an eye on the writing. He even comes in and scribbles all over our work when nobody's around.

No. And Sam & Max won't be voiced by Harvey Atkin and Robert Tinkler from the animated series, either. Take a few minutes to stomp your feet and swear at us. We'll wait.

Okay, so we didn't get those guys. But we're working to choose voice actors who we and Steve Purcell think are true to the characters. We'll make sure Sam & Max sound great long before they open their mouths on your dime. We're looking at experienced actors who have tons of credits in games and other media. Don't worry, we won't keep you in suspense much longer. You'll get to hear Sam & Max speak before the season even starts.

Bone is episodic, and Sam & Max will be episodic, but most of the similarities end there. We'll be using a different model with Sam & Max than we use with Bone. A Sam & Max game will be more self-contained than a Bone game — more like playing an episode of a sitcom than a chunk of a movie. Each Sam & Max episode will be shorter than, say, The Great Cow Race, but they'll also be released much closer together. And they'll be even easier on your wallet.

We know episodic gaming isn't everyone's cup of tea. Like Lost fans who wait and buy the whole season on DVD, or comic book fans who only buy trade paperbacks, there are plenty of people out there who want their gaming in large doses. If you'd rather play the whole season at once, no problem. Of course, you'll have to wait until we've actually finished the whole season. And you'll have to cover your ears and run out of the room whenever your friends start talking about the great Sam & Max episode they just played.

That's not a question, but okay. If episodes still seem weird to you, think about any website you visit on a regular basis. Really think about it. Homestar Runner, Happy Tree Friends? Red vs. Blue, Consolevania, Mega64? Penny Arcade, Diesel Sweeties, Dinosaur Comics, heck even the stuff they've got cooking at Valve? The Internet is a huge festival of episodic-ness. We've been at it for a year with Bone, and we're kicking it into overdrive with Sam & Max.

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